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Men's Shoes | Golf Shoes & Golf Sneakers

Men’s golf shoes and golf sneakers from Cole Haan include sophisticated styles that offer water resistance with mesh and leather uppers to go with the performance traction and stability you need for 18 holes. Solid, patterned, neutral, or bold—choose your style and get to the course to perfect your golf swing. Enjoy a unique golf experience with our variety of ØriginalGrand soft spiked golf shoes that provide the powerful grip you need on loose or wet courses. Or, try our GrandPrø AM Golf Sneaker range of spikeless golf shoes in a variety of colors like blue, black, white, and gray golf shoes and golf sneakers, and you’ll keep your feet dry when you find that the perfect Cole Haan golf look for 2022, and the 19th-hole too.

Designed for both style and performance on the course, our golf sneakers are crafted with innovative technology and premium materials to ensure maximum comfort and stability with every swing. Whether you're teeing off or navigating the fairway, our sneakers provide the perfect blend of support and flexibility. With sleek designs and superior traction, our men's golf sneakers offer unparalleled performance and style. Step up your game and experience the ultimate in comfort and sophistication on the green with Cole Haan. Choose Cole Haan for men's golf sneakers that enhance your performance and elevate your style.

What types of golf shoes are there?

The two most common types of golf shoes are spiked and spike-less. Spiked golf shoes provide the best traction possible, but spike-less golf shoes are quickly becoming popular as they provide close to the same amount of traction but won’t damage the green in any way.

Do golf shoes make a difference?

Wearing Cole Haan golf shoes can provide added traction and stability in your swing thanks to their cushioned design, along with technical options such as soft spikes, multi-directional flex grooves, or performance outsoles.

What makes the ØriginalGrand Tour golf shoe special?

The Cole Haan ØriginalGrand Tour golf shoe is unique because it features waterproof uppers, a performance traction outsole, and removable soft spikes for powerful grip.